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What is
We offer you an innovative and free backlink checking solution on this website. But what does that mean? Our backlink checker creates a detailed analysis about the websites, which are linking to your own site. These backlinks are important, because the search engine ranking is heavily influenced by how well your website is linked by other websites. In this case, "god" does not necessarily mean quantity! There are a range of factors which determine the quality of links. For this very reason, our backlink checker specifies in addition to the link source additional relevant information. If you already mastered the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), you can figure out important conclusions about the quality of the links. If you are not able to do this yourself, you will find recommendations of service providers on our site. A regular check of the backlinks to your site is an important instrument for SEO. Nevertheless, an analysis is not only advisable for your own site! With our backlink checker, you can also analyze sites of your competitors. That makes it easy for you to find potential sources, where you can go place an additional backlink to your site.

This is how it works
Just type in the URL you want to test, enter the CAPTCHA code and click "Go". The backlink checker starts the analysis, which will take 1-5 minutes. Our tool checks several sources and collects useful information for the evaluation. During the process, we display your information about our advertising partners in a small progress bar. The result will be issued afterwards and offers you a detailed summary of the backlink check, which can be saved as a PDF file.
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